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Atozj Information Portal Collection What are your questions about your loved ones left behind?

What are your questions about your loved ones left behind?

E-Leave information portal ESF provides a portal for parents to leave information about their children with loved ones, as well as to contact the state, the federal government, and local authorities about their loved ones.

Parents are asked to share their child’s location with the portal to provide details about their child.

There are no fees to use the portal, but there are some restrictions.

Parents must have the child’s social security number, the child must have a valid driver’s license, and the child has to be at least 18 years old.

Parents can only share information about the child with one person at a time.

Parents who do not meet these requirements will not be able to share information.

To check on your child’s status, parents can check the e-leave portal at

Parents have a choice of whether to provide their child with information or to remain anonymous.

If parents choose to remain on the eLIVE website, they are encouraged to do so by filling out an online questionnaire that answers questions about their own child.

If the questionnaire is completed, parents will be contacted by the eBible Help team to discuss their options.

If a parent chooses to remain anonymously, they can choose to provide information anonymously or by completing a separate anonymous questionnaire that contains information about them and their child in addition to information about each other.

The anonymous questionnaire will be provided to parents through and, respectively.

Parents should contact their local eLIFE office for more information.

The eLIVES website allows parents to submit a “Submit Child Information” form that contains the information and the address of the eFamily Center to help parents get the necessary paperwork to file their child for leave.

If you do not have a child’s Social Security number, driver’s licenses, or other government documents, please check with your local government office or social service agency for assistance.

The portal can also be used for parents who are seeking information about a child who is overseas or who is not currently in the United States.

To learn more about the eLeave portal, please visit and eLeave.


Parents may also wish to use this portal to contact their county or state child welfare agency to file a missing child report, or to obtain additional information about missing children.

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