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Atozj Information Portal Analysis When is the next judicial information page?

When is the next judicial information page?

This article is part of the News24 series on the news and information of Iraq.

Read the article below to find out when the next Judicial Information Page will be published.

Read more: The government says it is confident that it has enough judicial information to prosecute and convict all the suspects in the abduction and killing of three Iraqi journalists.

The government has released the names of all suspects and their locations, including the time, place and date of their arrests, and released a video to explain the steps taken to arrest the suspects and the circumstances surrounding their arrest.

The government also said the suspects had been brought to Baghdad and given information about the investigation.

According to a statement by the interior ministry, the arrest of the three suspects in connection with the kidnapping of the journalists is the latest in a series of recent cases.

In the case of the abduction of the Iraqi journalists, the government says the three people were arrested in the city of Tikrit and taken to a nearby detention facility, which the government claims was used as a hiding place.

However, in a statement issued on Tuesday, the interior minister, Naji al-Khudairi, denied that the three arrested were ever held in the detention facility.

He said that they were detained at a location in Baghdad, which is in the province of Kirkuk.

The three suspects have been charged with the abduction, murder and torture of the two Iraqi journalists and their colleague, according to the statement released by the ministry.

The four remaining detainees were detained in Baghdad and are still being held in custody.

The interior ministry said the three detainees were arrested on January 24 and that the detention facilities were used for other purposes.

The minister said that the investigation was still ongoing, and that it would release the names and locations of the remaining suspects on Wednesday.

The ministry added that it is also working to secure their release.

In recent months, the Iraqi government has arrested more than 200 people suspected of involvement in terrorism, according a list provided by the government.

More than 10,000 suspects were released in the first seven months of 2017, according the government list.

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