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Atozj Information Portal Collection Pip Information Portal redesign to make it easier to find information on hazards and emergencies.

Pip Information Portal redesign to make it easier to find information on hazards and emergencies.

Pip Information portal design: Mashable’s Jen Kish reports on a redesign to help people find information about hazards and disasters.

(Photo: Mashables)”This is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and the public wants to know what’s going on, so they need more options,” says Josh Leung, senior project manager at Pip.

“Pip is the first and most popular resource for information about things like earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, and pandemics.

A look at how the redesigned Pip Information is designed. “

We want to make this as easy to find as possible, so if you go to the homepage and search for information, the information will show up.”

A look at how the redesigned Pip Information is designed.

(Click here for a larger version.)

The redesign of the homepage for the Pip website.

(Image: Mashays)The redesigned Pip information portal design is a result of a collaboration between Mashable and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Agriculture partnered with Mashable to redesign the site in the fall of 2017.

“We wanted to make the content easier to access,” says Jason Stiles, Mashable Editor-in-Chief.

“There are many different things that people can search for, so we needed to make that easier to navigate.

It also made it easier for the public to share their information, so the more people are sharing their information the better.”

The redesign includes a new design and navigation bar that users can use to navigate the new site.

The new Pip website will include a new sidebar to help users find content.

Users can also now easily access other information from the Pip homepage by simply tapping on the link at the top of the page.

“It’s very important for the site to look as clean and clean as possible,” Leung says.

“People can’t click on links to other sites without looking at the homepage, so making sure it looks clean and clear makes sense.

We want the user experience to be as clear and as intuitive as possible.”

A look at the redesigned website for the updated Pip Information.

(Photos: Mash)A user on a mobile device can search the site by simply typing a word or phrase.

Mashable will be using a technology called ‘n-grams’ to analyze data from the content that is on the Pip site.

N-gram searches allow users to compare the data and learn more about the type of content that users are looking for.

“What we see is that N-grams do a great job of helping us understand what the content is and what’s being used,” Leang says.

Leung adds that Mashable uses N-Grams to help them understand how people are searching for specific information, such as earthquake warnings or hurricane warnings.

“One of the things we saw was that people were searching for hurricane warnings, for example, and they’re looking for information from [the] National Hurricane Center and from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,” he says.

“[But] people were also looking for earthquake warnings.

So we wanted to do a lot of things to try to understand what people were looking for.”

The redesigned homepage for The Pip website is a great example of how the new Pip site will improve user experience.

It will also be useful to other users of the website.

“For example, if you search for the word ‘weather’ on the homepage but you want to see weather alerts for the U of A, then you’ll be able to do that through the N-GC and we’ll know which of those are available for that word,” Leong says.

“People can look at our website and we can show them an example of the content they’re searching for and how to use it.

And we can then show you some of the other content that people are also searching for on our website, so people don’t have to go to other websites.”

To learn more, visit Pip’s new homepage at

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