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How to deal with the stress of life in a new job

The best way to deal to stress is to be happy, says the director of a company that specializes in helping people manage stress.

The Stress Management Institute at the University of Southern California, which offers a Master of Science in Stress Management, said that people who are working in a stressful job have a greater risk of developing a chronic illness, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The Institute’s stress management expert, Dr. Eric Shafer, said stress can be one of the reasons people have trouble focusing, staying focused and staying motivated.

The stressors can include work-related conflicts, family and financial problems, a change in routine or a new relationship.

“We all have some level of stress, and for some people it’s quite high,” said Shafer.

“They’re more stressed because they’re more worried about their own well-being and they’re feeling the pressure of having to deal daily with people who care about them and care about their well-beings.”

Shafer said it’s not just about how much money you earn, it’s also about how you treat yourself, how you approach work, how your friends and family interact with you and what kinds of stressors you’re dealing with.

The institute’s stress control program is focused on helping people cope with stressful life situations.

The program helps people learn how to cope, develop coping strategies and make healthy decisions, including how to manage the stress and stress triggers.

It’s important to remember, Shafer said, that the best way for people to manage stress is through education and positive thinking.

“What I would say is, just to keep yourself in the game and not be so stressed out that you’re going to try and get lost in a game and forget the importance of doing it,” Shafer told ABC News.

“You can’t be stressed out every day, and you can’t just get distracted by everything that’s going on around you.”

To learn more about how to deal more effectively with stress, check out our comprehensive guide on how to navigate the workday with a stress-management program.

To see a sample of what to expect at work, click here.ABC News’ Julie Hahn contributed to this report.

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