Atozj Information Portal

Atozj Information Portal Information The floodplain information and security portal is not up and running

The floodplain information and security portal is not up and running

Waterborne Information Protection Act 2017 (WIPA) 2017 (the Act) provides that the information and services provided by the waterborne information and data portal shall be available for the benefit of the public.

The Act also provides that there shall be a portal to assist persons in the provision of waterborne services and information to persons accessing waterborne data and information.

The portal shall include information, including but not limited to, waterborne health and safety advice, water-related risk assessments, water information and statistics, information on waterborne disease outbreaks and waterborne diseases, information related to waterborne hazards, water safety, and water resources.

The Portal shall also provide information to the public on the use of water and wastewater services and on information relating to water and sewage pollution.

It shall be provided to persons using waterborne or wastewater services, such as those who use them on a daily or semi-daily basis, persons using wastewater services on a weekly or daily basis, water users and users of water in the household, persons in connection with sewage treatment plants, and persons using sewage water treatment plants.

The Information and Service Protection and Enhancement Act 2017, as amended, provides that waterborne and wastewater health and hygiene information shall be made available to the general public.

In addition, the Waterborne Health and Safety Information Protection and Protection from Waterborne Infections Act 2017 provides that persons who have a duty to inform the public of the presence of water or wastewater in their homes or businesses shall be entitled to access information and to be compensated for the information they have provided.

The information and information provided by a portal shall also include the type of water, whether it is a river or ocean, whether a river is open or closed, and the source of the water, and any other relevant information.

The portal shall inform persons of their right to request and receive waterborne, wastewater and other relevant data and data from the relevant authorities, including the Minister of Health, the Minister for Environment, the Ministry of the Environment and Water and the Department of Health.

The Minister for Water, the Department for Environment and the Director of Public Health may require that any person request, receive or use waterborne water, wastewater or other relevant health and related data from a relevant authority or from a water authority, and they may require information to be provided.

In addition, a person’s right to access waterborne risk assessments and other information relating, and to receive and use information on, water and related hazards shall be recognised under the Act.

In order to ensure that the portal is fully functional, the Government of Ireland has provided the necessary authorisation to the Authority, and this authorisation is in force.

A copy of the Authority’s authority to access the portal, including its terms and conditions and the Authority terms and condition, are available on the Authority website.

The information and service portal will remain available for public access until the Authority authorises it to be withdrawn.

In order to enable persons to access this portal, the Authority will need to obtain a written authorisation from the Minister.

The Authority shall not make any further use of the portal until such time as it authorises access by persons who are registered as users of the information, service and information portal.

The Authority shall be accountable for any action taken by the Authority in respect of any information, services or information which is accessible to persons on the portal.

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