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What you need to know about the US$10.5 billion highway upgrade

In 2018, the US government spent $10.4 billion on the $5.2 trillion Interstate Highway System.

As the country continues to expand its highway network, that’s a lot of money to spend on an infrastructure project that was supposed to be funded in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

But even with those billions of federal dollars, the highway is far from being completed.

A massive infrastructure project is more complicated than it may appear.

It takes a long time to complete, and there’s a large cost associated with completing it.

The US$2.5 trillion IHS system is not a perfect system.

For example, it’s built on a highway that was designed to serve a much smaller portion of the population than the highway network that it serves today.

But the system works pretty well, and it’s a significant part of the country’s transportation infrastructure.

That’s not the case with the US $5 billion plan.

In the coming years, the project will be expanded by a million cars per year, with a goal of one million cars a day.

That is, as long as the IHS highway system is built properly, the system will be able to handle an increasing volume of traffic.

The $5 million to $10 million needed to complete the project is the amount the government is spending to keep the highway in good shape, and the amount that is required to complete it, in terms of the cost of maintenance and repair.

That means that any money spent on the project needs to be spent on things that make it easier to drive, not harder.

The government will spend the money on things like highway construction, maintenance, and highway improvement projects.

The highway is built to take the most traffic, and so the funding is not going to pay for things like new lanes and better crosswalks.

This means that it will be hard for the highway to accommodate an ever-growing number of drivers who are willing to pay more for the same kind of infrastructure.

There’s also the question of whether the US will be successful in making the highway safer and more efficient.

The interstate system is the backbone of the US economy, and as the system gets larger, the costs of repairing and maintaining it become increasingly costly.

The IHS will eventually need to cover its costs with the tax dollars of more and more drivers.

The system needs to do that because the US is losing an estimated $2.7 trillion in productivity to vehicle crashes and other forms of road-related damage.

But as we’ve seen in the past, the cost to repair and maintain a highway system that’s only a few decades old is not insignificant.

There are a lot more people driving on the US highways now than ever before.

There will be a lot less people coming through.

The construction of a new highway will also add to congestion.

When you add the fact that drivers are paying more for roads, you end up with a lot fewer lanes.

So if the highway system becomes more congested, then it will need to be rebuilt, and then it won’t be able go on for a long while.

The project will require billions of taxpayer dollars to be invested into making the highways safer and better for everyone.

This has led to calls for a “grand bargain” between the government and private companies to address the problems created by the Ihs highway.

The proposed agreement, called a “Grand Bargain,” was proposed in the mid-1990s.

The plan would have the government take on the maintenance and repairs of the highway, and private entities take on all of the risk of fixing it.

It would be structured in such a way that both parties could guarantee that their investments would be returned to taxpayers and that the project would be financially sustainable.

But that was a very expensive and politically risky way to do things.

In fact, it was so expensive that a proposal to simply let private companies pay for the construction of the system was rejected in the face of strong opposition.

But in the end, the proposal went ahead anyway.

The grand bargain would have a lot to do with money, but it would also have to do something about infrastructure.

As we’ve discussed in a few previous articles, we have a large, growing need for public infrastructure.

We also have a growing population, and that’s adding pressure to the existing infrastructure.

A grand bargain between private companies and the government would help us address the challenges that the existing public infrastructure has.

It will also help to protect the environment.

It might not make the roads safer or faster, but the government might pay a price for not investing enough in the infrastructure.

What the US can do to keep up with the demands of a growing populace is to make sure that public infrastructure is built in a way so that the demand for it is not driven by demand for a certain number of vehicles per hour.

A more equitable approach is to allow private companies, or any other entities, to decide how much to invest in infrastructure.

For that reason, the

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